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Maltese Islands (1) management scenarios (1) mantle plumes (1)
map service, spatial data infrastructure, harmful algal bloom, oil spill, INSPIRE, GMES (1) mapping (2) Mariana fore arc, forearc, Tonga (1)
Marine (1) Marine & Aquatic Science (1) Marine and Offshore Structures (1)
marine biology (1) marine conservation (1) marine data (1)
marine ecology (3) marine ecosystems (1) marine environment (1)
marine fish (2) marine GAP, marine biodiversity, conservation, MPA (1) marine geomorphology (4)
Marine GIS (2) marine GIS used, Etnoyer, GIS and oceanography (1) Marine GIS, acoustic remote sensing, marine geomorphology, benthic (1)
marine GIS, GIS and oceanography (4) Marine habitat mapping (1) marine mammal tracking, Arc Marine (1)
Marine mammals (2) marine management (1) Marine Map, MarineMap, MPA, marine spatial planning, MMS, GIS and oceanography, conservation (1)
marine monument (1) Marine planning (1) Marine policy (1)
Marine protected area (3) Marine protected area (MPA) (1) Marine protected area, MPA, GIS and oceanography, decision support, site placement, Red Sea, middle East, peace park (1)
Marine protected area, MPA, Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary, GIS and oceanography, decision support, site placement (1) Marine protected areas (1) marine reserve/sanctuary/protected area (1)
marine spatial planning (7) maritime boundaries, GIS and oceanography (1) Maritime spatial planning (1)
massively parallel machines (1) Mediterranean (1) Mesh generation (1)
Mesotech, Imagenex, Alvin, Floc, Flow, CoAxial, Cleft, seafloor mapping, bathymetry (1) message passing (1) message-passing interface (1)
metadata (13) metadata mapping (1) Metadata, ocean observatories, ocean informatics, MMI, MOOS, AOSN, GIS and oceanography, marine metatadata interoperability (1)
metaphor (1) methane seeps, bathymetry (1) MH 370, GEBCO (1)
microbiology (1) mid-ocean ridges (1) mid-ocean ridges, EPR, Arc/INFO, GIS and oceanography, seafloor, hydrothermal, volcanic, tectonic (1)
mining (1) MMI (2) model (1)
ModelBuilder (1) modeling (1) models, geographic information systems (GIS), Caribbean small islands (CSI), (1)
morphologies, acoustic facies (1) morphology and bottom photography (1) morphometric analysis (1)
MSLA (1) MSS (1) Multi-criteria decision analysis (1)
Multibeam (2) Multibeam backscatter (1) Multibeam bathymetry (1)
multibeam bathymetry, geomorphology, EM120, Kongsberg, seafloor mapping, seabed (1) Multibeam echosounder (1) multibeam, bathymetry, map, GIS and oceanography, seafloor geomorphology (1)
multiscale analysis (1)