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D. J. Wright, Blongewicz, M. J., Halpin, P. N., and Breman, J., Arc Marine: GIS for a Blue Planet. Redlands, CA: ESRI Press, 2007, p. 202 pp.
B. Poulter and Halpin, P. N., Raster modelling of coastal flooding from sea-level rise, Int. J. Geog. Inf. Sci.Int. J. Geog. Inf. Sci.Int. Geog. Info. Sci., vol. DOI: 10.1080/13658810701371858, pp. 1-16, 2007.
D. J. Wright and Halpin, P. N., Spatial reasoning for “terra incognita:" Progress and grand challenges in marine GIS, in Place Matters: Geospatial Tools for Marine Science, Conservation, and Management in the Pacific Northwest, A. J. Scholz, Ed. Corvallis, OR: Oregon State University Press, 2005, p. need page numbers.